Smart Controls, Cylinders and Pumps

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Home Technology

To help your boiler/heating system work efficiently why not consider adding a Smart Home Technology heating control. Choose an App based programmer, room thermostat and smart TRV’s such as Hive or Nest to control your heating and hot water from your mobile phone.

Adding smart TRV’s enables you to control on/off times and temperature on each individual radiator via the app, therefore you’ll never heat an empty room again.

Come home to a warm welcome, get alerts if you leave your heating on and keep your home warm without wasting energy.

Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented Cylinder – The main benefit of an unvented cylinder is that your hot and cold water is supplied at mains pressure, increasing the flow rate throughout your home. Usually found in new build properties and ideal as an upgrade to your current system, especially if you are considering a loft conversion as a header tank is not required.

  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful showers
  • Pressurised system

Vented Cylinder – Used in a traditional heating system, supplying gravity fed hot water.

  • Gravity fed system
  • Stored hot water
  • Requires a header tank

Hot Water Cylinders

Boost Water Pump


There is an array of different types of boost pumps to service your domestic hot and cold water supply. Whether you require a power shower or more sustained flow of water throughout your property. This is only generally required if you have a gravity fed system.

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